Import Export Agreement Sample

It is rare for the importer to accept the exporter`s first offer and, normally, this first offer is followed by a series of counter-offers sent between the exporter and the importer until each party is satisfied with the terms of the final offer and agrees to comply. So – and this seems obvious, but this is sometimes overlooked – be certain that all parties to the treaty have signed it. If you work z.B through a representative, make sure the actual buyer signs the contract. The signature of the representative is not necessarily sufficient, because without the buyer`s signature, there is no written proof that the buyer owes you money. Finally, and not least, the contract is reviewed by a lawyer familiar with the export market. Product, standards and specifications. Specific product name and technical names (if any); The dimensions in which the product is to be delivered (if any); applicable national or international standards and specifications; The specific requirements of buyers and examples of specifications. Discounts and commissions. Specific amount of the discount or commission to be paid and by whom (by the exporter or by the importer). Determine the basis for calculating the commission to be applied and the applicable rate.

Reduction or commission rates may or may not be included in the export price agreed by the exporter and importer. The fundamental provision of any contract for the sale of goods is that you, the seller (in this case the exporter), transfer ownership of the goods to your buyer (the importer) for payment (which is made in foreign currency in international trade). The export contract must define its terms and must at least describe: provision for termination of the contract: under what circumstances can the contract be terminated? 21.2 This contract can only be amended by a written agreement of the parties (including e-mail) (if article [17.4] or equivalent contains or equivalent, or in accordance with Article [17.4].) 21.1.