Inspection Agreement Sample

10. The payment of the tax to INSPECTOR is due at the end of the on-site inspection. The inspection report is not declassified without the full payment of inspection fees. The CLIENT undertakes to cover all legal and time expenses arising from the recovery of payments due, including legal fees, if it exists. If THE CLIENT is a company, LLC or a similar entity, the person who signs this contract on behalf of that entity personally guarantees payment of the royalty by the company. Customer acknowledges that they may be charged a $50.00 travel fee if the INSPECTOR goes to the inspection address and cannot verify the accommodation in circumstances that are not cancelled. The CLIENT accepts the “200% guarantee”: the client is not obliged to pay the basic examination fee if he tells the inspector that he is not satisfied at the inspection site, and the INSPECTOR will pay for another NACHI certified home inspector to re-inspect the site. All other expenses are still due, including the $50.00 travel fee. The CLIENT does not use this guarantee after the inspector has left the inspection department. The CLIENT does not use this guarantee if it does not physically participate in the inspection. The client does not receive the inspection report if he does not pay for it.

The INSPECTOR selects the inspector who re-inspects the site. 5. INSPECTOR does not perform engineering, architectural, remediation or other tasks requiring a professional licence in the country where the inspection takes place, unless the inspector has a valid professional licence, in which case he can inform the CLIENT that he is the holder of this licence and is therefore qualified to go beyond this basic domestic inspection and carry out additional inspections for a fee. which go beyond those carried out in the context of basic domestic inspection. Each agreement on these additional inspections is separate. Services. By initializing, if the customer confirms the order or refuses the order, the services are shown below (services accepted, including general inspection of the house, are collectively designated as the “services” all services ordered are confirmed by check-boxes below. 10. If the CLIENT requests a new inspection, the new inspection is subject to all the conditions set out in this agreement. Condos, etc.

Inspections do not include property that is not passed on to the customer. The visit to the house does not include common areas or probable association property based exclusively on the usual use. Buyers must always receive disclosures in a Condominium Sellers Certificate. Nothing in practice or the home inspectors` report is considered information, knowledge or professional opinion on the property or issues provided. The purpose of a home inspection is to provide a written report on your home inspector`s visual knowledge and technical advice on any accessible system or part of the home within the SOP, which is severely deficient, and the home inspector`s recommendations regarding correction or monitoring of reported anomalies, as well as a list of all systems or components that have been designed to be inspected in practice standards. , but have not been verified and the reason they have not been verified. Inspections are not destructive (holes. B are not pierced in the walls), do. B are not invasive (flooring and wall coverings are not removed), are subject to concealment and latent defects and are limited by law and practice.