Placing Agreement Plc

At the time of the agreement, the entity has an [authorized share capital of an amount equal to [insert amount], subdivided into [insert]. The company raised a total of approximately GBP 1.2 million through the placement of EIS/VCT Placing Shares, approximately 0.46 million pounds through the general Placing Shares offering and GBP 0.47 million through the underwriting. The offering and underwriting shares are admitted in two business days to assist investors in the placement of all EIS/VCT securities to claim certain tax breaks for EIS and VCT investors. . — The company`s compliance with the obligations arising from the investment agreement on all key points; And the company today announced a conditional offering and subscription to increase 2.1 million pounds (before charges) by issuing 4,500,000 new common shares in two tranches at an issue price of 47 pence per share, a discount of 12.1 percent. average market price to close at 53.5 pence per common share on August 3, 2020 (the last applicable date prior to the release of this communication). . Fundraising is subject, among other things, to the agreement of shareholders at the company`s general meeting to be held on August 20, 2020 at 11:.m a.m. on 49 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4SA. Directors intend to use the net proceeds of the fundraiser of approximately 1.9 million pounds for the following purposes: — The issue price is 12.1 per cent. a discount on the closing price of 53.5 pence on August 3, 2020 Directors unanimously consider that fundraising is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders and unanimously recommend that you vote on decisions as they intend to do with respect to their own economic holdings in the company. The Board of Directors is in favour with 13,118,010 common shares, which represent about 40.32 per cent. common shares at the time of notification.

Note: All the timetable indications in this roadmap relate to London time, and each of the periods and data is indicative and may change. Any such changes are communicated through an announcement through a regulatory information service. In accordance with the government`s current regulations with respect to COVID-19, shareholders are invited to present their form of mandate prior to the general meeting, as participation in the general meeting in person on the date of this announcement would be inconsistent with the rules applicable to public meetings. Shareholders who attempt to participate personally in the general meeting are not allowed. Pelatro`s Customer Engagement Hub, mViva, is an end-to-end product suite that covers contextual campaign management, loyalty management, data monetization and unified communication solutions. The mViva platform has resulted in increases of up to 5 per cent. incremental annual sales for our telco customers. mViva uses Big Data Analytics to review data from growing end-users, to identify patterns, trends, associations and important behavioral characteristics. mViva then uses algorithms to analyze this data and identify patterns for each end user. Based on this analysis, relevant offers (which may include additional services or tailored campaigns) will be made to end-users through a wide range of channels such as social media, SMS, email and apps. It is important that Pelatro provide telecommunications companies, within two to three minutes of first printing, with real-time data that allows the telecommunications company to subdivide targeted offers to users in response to their online live activities.