Lyft Hertz Rental Agreement

Lyft rentals cost about 200 USD – 250 USD/week. Rents are not cheap, but if you want to try driving for Lyft without having to buy a car, this might be a good option for you. Of all the ways to get a car for Lyft, this has the lowest level of commitment because you only pay for a short rental period. 4. The tenant is responsible for the direct payment of all tolls to the tax authorities, including possible fines for toll fraud, as well as other related fines, fees and penalties imposed on tenants, flexdrives or rental cars during the rental period. Tenants should not rely on the use of a toll transponder in the rental car (if any) as part of the tenant`s payment of the toll. To avoid processing fees (as defined below) in combination with a toll, the tenant must pay the cash toll at the relevant toll (if applicable) or the tenant must make arrangements to pay in advance the existing tolls. B, for example by contacting the toll operator and paying for it online, by phone or by mail. When retirees are made available to a toll transponder and use it to pay tolls, tolls and fees related to the use or possession of the toll transponder are charged on the payment card used by the tenant in connection with this rent, and the tenant expressly authorizes these fees. When Flexdrive is informed that it may be responsible for paying a toll or violation, the Flexdrive tenant or a Flexdrive processing company (“processor”) pays an administrative fee of up to US$50 for each of these notifications (a “processing fee” each) (this fee is a reasonable estimate of Flexdrive`s costs for managing the processing of an infringement or the integration of a processor).

If Flexdrive or the processor pays a toll or a violation in the tenant`s name in connection with the use of a toll transponder in the rental car (if any), the tenant authorizes Flexdrive or the processor to inject tolls or payment card violations used in the rental. To the extent and to the extent necessary to enable Flexdrive to assert its rights under this paragraph, Flexdrive may forward the tenant`s personal data to the toll authorities and/or the processor. Lyft says the restrictions come from car rental partners and are influenced by insurance requirements. However, Uber drivers who rent a car through Hertz do not have minimum driving conditions, although they can only drive for one service at the same time, according to an Uber representative. Hertz declined to comment and said the terms of the partnership contracts were confidential. Only licensed and reputable tenants are allowed to drive rental cars, subject to applicable government laws. The tenant understands and accepts, that, in states that require a landlord to check a tenant`s driver`s license to verify that the licence has been issued to the tenant, return will work with Flexdrive by transmitting, as appropriate, the driver`s license physically to Lyft and (b) to obtain real and real photos of the driver`s license via the Lyft app or other electronic means indicated by Lyft or Flexdrive, Lyft.